Welcome to RaySaves, the savegame archive for Rayman games!

Here you can download savegames to gain instant access to your favourite levels. There are savegames for every possible area, and previous level scores on them have been erased - you can set your own scores!

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Currently, only savegames for Rayman 1 and Rayman 3 are available. More games will be added in the future!

Using RaySaves is easy! Just follow these three steps.

1. Download a savegame

Use the navigation buttons at the top of the page to view the available savegames or download the whole .ZIP archive for a game in one go.

2. Place it in the right folder

The games look in a certain folder for saves. The game-specific webpages will tell you where to place the savegame.

3. Play!

Start up the game, choose to load a savegame, and select the save you just added!