If you want quick access to nearly all Rayman 1 levels with all powers unlocked, download the main savegame below.

If you want to play a level with the specific powers you normally have at that point in the game (as if you're visiting that level for the first time), use the nav buttons to select a world.

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You can find them all!

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With the main savegame, you can easily revisit every level except for the final level (Mr Dark's Dare). You'll have access to all powers (such as running and using the helicopter), so all cages can be found in one go.

You won't be able to meet Betilla the Fairy with this savegame - use the level-specific savegames for that.

Download main R1 savegame

Alternatively, you can download the entire savegame archive. This archive contains the main savegame and all 18 level-specific savegames.

Download complete R1 savegame archive

Once you've downloaded the savegame(s) you want, place them in the following folder:

Original version - C:\RAYMAN

GOG.com version - Windows 32-bit - C:\Program Files\GOG.com\Rayman Forever\Rayman

GOG.com version - Windows 64-bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG.com\Rayman Forever\Rayman

If you're not running DOSBox as an administrator, the VirtualStore folder will be used - in that case, check Rayman 1's folder inside it.

For example: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\GOG.com\Rayman Forever\Rayman

If you haven't installed Rayman 1 in the default location, use your computer's search function to find Rayman 1's install folder.

To use the first slot in the main menu, rename the file to RAYMAN1.SAV - to use the second slot, rename it to RAYMAN2.SAV.

The Dream Forest

Pink Plant Woods

This is the first level of the game, located in the Dream Forest - the jungle world. Here you'll get the telescopic fist from Betilla the Fairy.

Download world 1 level 1

Anguish Lagoon

In this level, you'll face the game's first boss - Bzzit. After defeating him, he'll become an ally and carry you on his back. Betilla will also give you the power to hang onto platforms.

Download world 1 level 2

The Swamps of Forgetfulness

You'll find Tarayzan here, who will give you a magic seed. Use it to plant giant flowers that you can use as platforms.

Download world 1 level 3

Moskito's Nest

Another boss - Moskito - will chase you through the level. At the end of the level, you must fight him. Afterwards, Betilla will give you the power of the grappling fist.

Download world 1 level 4

Band Land

Bongo Hills

This level is the introduction to Band Land, the world of music. The platforms mainly consist of giant drums. Watch out for the dangerous wrong notes!

Download world 2 level 1

Allegro Presto

You'll be spending a lot of time sliding around on slippery musical staves in this level. At the end, you'll briefly encounter Mr Sax, the boss, and Betilla will give you the helicopter power.

Download world 2 level 2

Gong Heights

Meditating monks, clouds and sprinklers will serve as platforms in this level set high in the skies above Band Land.

Download world 2 level 3

Mr Sax's Hullaballoo

This level combines the gameplay of the three previous levels. Mr Sax will show up and chase you. Then he will fight you in his lair.

Download world 2 level 4

Blue Mountains

Twilight Gulch

In the Blue Mountains, you'll be attacked by strange enemies carved out of stone. Their leader, Mr Stone, will chase you.

Download world 3 level 1

The Hard Rocks

Move deeper into the mountains, and watch out for the giant spiky balls and stakes on the way.

Download world 3 level 2

Mr Stone's Peaks

You'll meet the Musician, who will give you the temporary Super Helicopter power. After escaping a flood and defeating Mr Stone, Betilla will grant you the power to run.

Download world 3 level 3

Picture City

Eraser Plains

Welcome to Picture City, a world built out of art supplies. Travel through the large structures made of erasers. You'll fight the boss, Space Mama (who's in a Viking outfit), for the first time.

Download world 4 level 1

Pencil Pentathlon

As the name implies, there are a lot of dangerous, pointy pencils to avoid here. A Super Helicopter potion can be found here...

Download world 4 level 2

Space Mama's Crater

After making your way through the last parts of Picture City, it's time to defeat Space Mama one more time. Now she's dressed like an astronaut.

Download world 4 level 3

The Caves of Skops

Crystal Palace

You've arrived in the Caves of Skops, an enormous cave system. Explore the dark, mysterious caves.

Download world 5 level 1

Eat at Joe's

In this level you'll meet Joe the Extra-Terrestrial, who will give you a firefly to light the way in the pitch black caves. Use Joe's network of flying saucers to fix his electrical system.

Download world 5 level 2

Mr Skops' Stalactites

In the heart of the caves you'll stumble upon Mr Skops. He does not take kindly to being woken, so he'll try to kill you!

Download world 5 level 3

Candy Château

Mr Dark's Dare

This is the final level, and the only level of Candy Château - the world of sweets and cake. After overcoming Mr Dark's magical spells, you will confront him in the final boss fight.

Download world 6 level 1