It's not easy to get to your favourite areas Rayman 3.

The game is divided into nine worlds, and you can only choose to start at the beginning of a world.

Here, savegames for all 48 areas can be downloaded.

All scores have been set to 0.

You can set your own scores!

All cages have been broken once.

You can play all bonus levels!

Since cages don't disappear when you break them in Rayman 3, you can still find all cages.

You will also have the maximum life bar in all areas.

Download complete R3 savegame archive

Once you've downloaded the savegame(s) you want, place them in the following folder:

Windows 32-bit - C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\Rayman3\GAMEDATA\SaveGame

Windows 64-bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubi Soft\Rayman3\GAMEDATA\SaveGame

If you haven't installed Rayman 3 in the default location, use your computer's search function to find Rayman 3's SaveGame folder.

The Fairy Council

Part 1

The beginning of the game. Murfy flies through the forest carrying you. Steer Murfy to the left and right, and grab all the red lums!

Download level 1 part 1

Part 2

Globox is hiding somewhere near the Fairy Council with your hands. Go find him and meet the game's villains: the Hoodlums.

Download level 1 part 2

Part 3

You enter the Fairy Council. Here you'll fight André, the leader of the Hoodlums. He leaves a mysterious powerup behind... the Vortex!

Download level 1 part 3

Part 4

The Fairy Council starts to fall apart as André tries to make his way to the Heart of the World. Stop André before it's too late!

Download level 1 part 4

Part 5

In this short part you reach the Heart of the World and meet with the Grand Minimus.

Download level 1 part 5

Part 6

You'll have to travel to the next world on a surfboard via the first Teensie Highway - a psychedelic wormhole.

Download level 1 part 6

Clearleaf Forest

Part 1

You and Globox reach Clearleaf Forest. You'll find the first Teensie cage in the game, get a new powerup (the Heavy Metal Fist), and swim up a waterfall.

Download level 2 part 1

Part 2

The journey through Clearleaf Forest takes you through some Hoodlum encampments. You’ll get the Lockjaw powerup for the first time.

Download level 2 part 2

Part 3

You’ll be introduced to yet another new powerup: the Shock Rocket. You and Globox will plough straight through a large Hoodlum stronghold.

Download level 2 part 3

Part 4

Get ready to face the first boss in the game! In the Clearleaf Arena you’ll fight against Master Kaag.

Download level 2 part 4

Part 5

In the office of Otto the Teensie doctor you’ll have to kill some Hoodmongers to open the door.

Download level 2 part 5

Part 6

You’re sent to the next world through another Teensie Highway. However, this highway is broken and you won’t arrive at your intended destination…

Download level 2 part 6

The Bog of Murk

Part 1

You land in the Bog of Murk. To be precise, you land in the toilet of Bégoniax the witch. While she’s using it. Time for a boss fight! You’ll get the Throttle Copter powerup for the first time.

Download level 3 part 1

Part 2

Fight Hoodlums in the swamp, and use their powerups to leave the area.

Download level 3 part 2

Part 3

Continuing your trek through the Bog of Murk, you’ll fight against more Hoodlums and horrors from the marshlands.

Download level 3 part 3

Part 4

Fight against some more Hoodlums in an underground area. You’ll find a mysterious mansion outside.

Download level 3 part 4

Part 5

The mansion is owned by Count Razoff, and he wants to add you to his hunting collection. Chase Razoff through his maze-like mansion in this boss fight.

Download level 3 part 5

Part 6

The fight continues in the basement. Razoff will stand on a giant ball on a chain and try to ram you.

Download level 3 part 6

The Land of the Livid Dead

Part 1

You’re reunited with Globox and have finally made it to the Land of the Livid Dead. Explore this idyllic landscape and find the first Crazy Shoe in the game.

Download level 4 part 1

Part 2

You stumble upon a Hoodlum base. Defeat all the enemies!

Download level 4 part 2

Part 3

The door to the next area is shut. Climb a ghostly tower, and then climb its solidified form to free some allies… Teensies who actually fight the Hoodlums.

Download level 4 part 3

Part 4

This is the only part of the game that features underwater swimming. The game’s fourth boss fight is here - you must defeat a huge three-legged Hoodlum machine called Céloche.

Download level 4 part 4

Part 5

Use a Shock Rocket to blast the Hoodmongers blocking the way to Roméo - the second Teensie doctor.

Download level 4 part 5

Part 6

This is the third and last Teensie Highway in the game, leading to the Desert of the Knaaren.

Download level 4 part 6

The Desert of the Knaaren

Part 1

Having arrived in the Desert of the Knaaren, you fight some Hoodlums before falling into the tunnels of a race of monstrous, invincible creatures - the Knaaren - who immediately capture Globox.

Download level 5 part 1

Part 2

In this large room you’ll have to make your way to the top of a huge statue of the Leptys, the god whom the Knaaren worship.

Download level 5 part 2

Part 3

Travel through more tunnels while avoiding the Knaaren at all times. Make your way up a large spiralling tower.

Download level 5 part 3

Part 4

You fall down into ever-deeper parts of the cave system. Eventually you’ll meet the champion of the Knaaren: Reflux.

Download level 5 part 4

Part 5

Fight Reflux in the arena of the Knaaren.

Download level 5 part 5

Part 6

The Leptys has given you a new power for defeating Reflux. Here you’ll learn to use it.

Download level 5 part 6

Part 7

You’re back outside in the desert and nearing the office of Gonzo, the final Teensie doctor.

Download level 5 part 7

Part 8

Defeat the Hoodlums in Gonzo’s office with giant crushers.

Download level 5 part 8

The Longest Shortcut

Part 1

The Teensie doctors have sent you to the Longest Shortcut, where challenging platforming obstacles await.

Download level 6 part 1

Part 2

In this part, you'll have to use flying (and sometimes invisible) platforms to cross the rooms.

Download level 6 part 2

Part 3

The final part of this "shortcut" tests a wide variety of skills.

Download level 6 part 3

The Summit Beyond the Clouds

Part 1

Cross the Looming Sea on a ship. The Hoodlums have launched watercraft to stop you, so use the cannons to destroy them.

Download level 7 part 1

Part 2

You have arrived at the Summit Beyond the Clouds, a beautiful snow-clad locale.

Download level 7 part 2

Part 3

Use your snowboard to race Globox down the mountain.

Download level 7 part 3

Hoodlum Headquarters

Part 1

You and Globox enter the headquarters of the Hoodlums. André will use everything he has to try to stop you!

Download level 8 part 1

Part 2

Globox has been captured! Fight your way through hordes of Hoodlums.

Download level 8 part 2

Part 3

You're now in the foundry of the Hoodlums. There's some tricky platforming here.

Download level 8 part 3

Part 4

André has set up a boss fight for you... destroy the Horrible Machine before it destroys you.

Download level 8 part 4

Part 5

André is flooding the Hoodlum Headquarters with lava! Race to the high ground before you're burned to a crisp!

Download level 8 part 5

The Tower of the Leptys

Part 1

The explosion in the Hoodlum Headquarters has launched you to the Tower of the Leptys. An insane amount of Hoodlums will try to prevent you from reaching André.

Download level 9 part 1

Part 2

The fighting continues as you travel higher up the tower.

Download level 9 part 2

Part 3

Steer a Hoodlum flying machine through the enormous halls and corridors of the tower. Blast the enemy fliers with the plasma cannon.

Download level 9 part 3

Part 4

The final confrontation with Reflux and André. In this part, you must fight Reflux in three separate phases.

Download level 9 part 4

Part 5

Rayman and Globox chase Reflux into the mysterious world of the Leptys. Now it's time to finish the fight.

Download level 9 part 5